Shipping policy

Dear customer: Please read the product information carefully and confirm the size before purchasing.

Logistics method: According to the different needs of customers, we will choose the appropriate logistics company. In the case of a group of postal services, the United States is usps, and the United Kingdom is Royal Mail. If there is urgent demand, we will send DHL, Hong Kong Federation or China logistics provider 4PX .

Transportation time: Our quality inspection time is 3 days. Under normal circumstances, the transportation time is about 7-15 days, and for remote countries, it is about 10-20 days. Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.

Freight information: Generally, it is calculated based on weight. We will charge customers 50% of the freight, and we will bear the other 50%.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, please send an email to We will receive your email within 24 hours based on the response. Your opinion is of great help to us, we will work hard to provide you with
better service. : We promise to provide you with quality products and after-sales service.
We guarantee that after you have confirmed that you have received the three quotations, if there is any quality problem, you can apply for compensation or replacement. We insist on protecting the interests of our customers. Your support is our greatest motivation. Welcome to buy our products. happy shopping!